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The Empordà is a small area where there is a variety of soils found in few other places in the world. Slate slopes, Sandy valleys. Fluvial sediment, clay-silt, gravel soils… Lands that have borne witness to how different civilizations cultivated the art of wine. The heterogeneity of the land on which the vines grow allows Perelada to obtain grapes with a wide range of nuances.


Despite its young age, Malaveïna has already gone from being a promising estate to a reality. This vineyard has already produced wines of great personality, such as the successful red which bears its name: the Perelada Finca Malaveïna.

Located in the locality of Garriguella, the estate covers an area of 19 hectares of red clay slopes, with pebbles which facilitate drainage.

Name of estate: Malaveïna
Situación: Garriguella (Alt Empordà, Girona)
D.O.: Empordà
Extensión: 19 ha
Orografía: Slopes
Tipo de suelo: Red clay based, with large rocks, mainly granites
Año de plantación: 1996 onwards
Conducción: Three wires
Marco de Plantación: 2,8 x 1,4 m.
Poda: Double Cordon Royat (short)
Riego por goteo: Yes
Vendimia: 100% hand harvested
Variedades cultivadas: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Garnatxa, Syrah and Cabernet Franc

The land marks

Meet the heterogeneity of Empordà soils