A letter from Javier Suqué

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When my grandfather bought Castillo Perelada in 1923, one of his illusions was to revive a wine-making tradition that goes back to the fourteenth century, when the Carmelite monks produced wine for the whole region. This is documented by works to be found in the castle’s library. More than eighty years later, Castillo Perelada has become one of the leading wine producers in the country and has led the Empordà, the oldest wine-producing region in Spain, in its spectacular revival.

This is the result of efforts on different fronts. We have bought land and planted vineyards, choosing the most suitable estates in the region. We have built up a very strong technical team. And we have made great efforts in research and development, through which we are learning how to make the most of the incredible potential that the Empordà offers us.

Yours truly, 
Javier Suqué

The land marks

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