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Every year, the oenologists of Perelada produce small quantities of a large variety of wines, aiming to study the influence of factors such as the maturity of the grapes at the time of harvesting, the soil type, irrigation, sun exposure... A special experimental vineyard plot and microvinification cellar are used for this experimentation. The very best of these wines become part of the Ex Ex collection. Exceptional Experiences which are very limited edition.

Ex Ex 11

Perelada is constantly researching and experimenting, and in the eleventh edition of its Ex Ex collection of experimental wines, it has succeeded in one of its biggest challenges. For this edition, the central theme has been to revive the traditional winemaking of our ancestors and create a natural wine in which four experiences come together: White and red varieties. Ex Ex 11 has been made from four varietals: two white and two red. All have been vinified in the same vat. Native Empordà varieties. This original blend also brings together the four indigenous grape varieties of the Empordà D.O.: the Samsó and Garnatxa Tinta reds and the Macabeu and Garnatxa Blanca whites. Old vines. All the grapes are sourced from the Finca La Garriga vineyard, home to Perelada’s oldest vines. The Garnatxa Tinta and Samsó grapes come from vineyards planted in 1976, while the Garnatxa Blanca vines date from 1970 and the Macabeu, from 1964. Natural wine. For the first time ever, Perelada is releasing a natural wine without sulphites, vinified with indigenous yeasts and produced without the addition of any oenological products and without clarification or filtration.

Designation of origin: Empordà
Varietals: Samsó (35%), Garnacha Negra (33%), Garnacha Blanca (16%), Macabeu (16%).
Ageing: 13 months in 300 litre French Allier oak barrels already used for one vintage. Bottled on November 7th, 2014.
Tasting note: The wine is remarkable for its medium-deep ruby red hue. Its aromas are predominantly wild berry and fresh fruit along with subtle overtones derived from its ageing. This is an elegant wine, fresh, well balanced and full of personality.
  • 2016
    Guía de Vinos 2016. La Semana Vitivinícola
    99 points
  • 2016
    Guía Peñín 2016 and 2017
    93 points
  • 2016
    Guía Intervinos 2016
    93 points

Ex Ex 13

Perelada winery has produced this wine under the concern of producing a high-gamma white wine with one of the native varieties of the Empordà region, with very little planting area and little known as “Garnacha Roja”. The Ex Ex 13 results from the harvest of 2016 and comes from the Finca La Garriga in the town of Peralada. It is a white variety also called Grenache gray, recommended in the Denomination of Origin Empordà and whose name in the area is also known as "Lledoner Roig". According to a study by INCAVI in 2015, Garnachas are a group of varieties, with a common genetic base and differentiated by morphological characters caused by specific somatic mutations (small changes in the very specific region of DNA). It is grown traditionally in Catalonia and 98% of the planted area is in the DO Empordà, in 2016 there were already 57 hectares planted in this region. Red Grenache has a gray or pink coloration on the skin, depending on phenological, agronomic and environmental factors. It is widely used in the area for the production of the typical natural sweet wine Garnacha del Empordà. The red Garnacha is characterized by having large clusters of conical shape, with compact wings and medium berries. It is quite resistant to drought but little resistant to mildew. It synthesizes a high concentration of sugars and a low concentration of acids.

Designation of origin: Empordà
Varietals: Garnacha Roja (100%)
Ageing: Fermentation and subsequent aging for nine months in new acacia barrels, periodically performing battonage operation. Bottled on June 14, 2017.
Tasting note: The wine stands out for its bright yellow color, the aromas of fresh fruit, white flowers, herbs, balsamic and honeyed notes. The palate stands out for having a saline point, fresh, round, fruity, enveloping, sapid and with a long and pleasant aftertaste. Due to its structure, acidity and balance it is predicted a very good aging capacity.

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