Himalayan Salt

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Perelada Himalayan pink salt is extraordinarily pure sea salt that was deposited at the foot of this mountain range 200 million years ago.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Unlike Maldon salt, Pink Himalayan Salt can be used both to cook and season. 

Designation of origin: Perelada’s Himalayan Pink Salt is an extraordinarily pure marine salt that sedimented under the Himalaya 200 milion years ago.
Elaboration: The more than 84 different elements that compose it (magnesium, calcium, potassium, chrome, iron...) result in an appealing pink colour and a rich range of subtle and highly elegant organoleptic notes.
Tasting note: Himalayan Pink Salt has suffered extreme pressures throughout the centuries: the weight of the highest mountains in the world has turned it into a crystallized salt with a crispy texture.

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